‘Arteta’ overjoyed – pointing out that the gun hasn’t met a big team yet

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UFABET  SPORTS football guru Richard Keyes said Mikel Arteta was overjoy after the win over Fulham, while partner Andy Gray agreed. saying Arsenal have yet to face a big team.

“The Gunners” opened the home defeat to Fulham 2-1, having been led first from the 56th minute, but scored two goals to turn over. Putting them top of the Premier League with a 100 per cent win record

after the game at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal fans in the stadium celebrated, including Arteta. Equally delighted,

however, Keyes, who serves as a critic, Unimpressed by the Spaniard’s demeanor, he said:

“Arsenal met Fulham and they were led for a long time, they played well and came back to win, and haven’t lost a record of winning all the time. “

“But they didn’t win tonight, they beat London. Derby got a match… Let’s not get overwhelmed. It’s only been four games this season.”

“Look, Arteta is happy, are you kidding?. Arsenal are overjoyed, they beat Fulham. “

I don’t understand, they haven’t won a title. I can’t hide that I’m really annoye with Arteta. He’s always waving to the windmills. 90 minutes, as if someone heard him,”

while Gray, who was also involve in the critics of the game. Comment in the same direction, saying:

“I understand the Arsenal fans being overjoyed, If you want me to be honest with Arsenal, I like what I am, but they won against Palace, Leicester, Bournemouth and Fulham, who were all not big teams. “

“This game they were unreasonably excited, they face Fulham in the league game, if it’s the semi-final of the Cup I can understand.

” But I don’t know, I think it’s dangerous. because they are going to have a downtrend for sure.”