Johnson chose the Roosters because the plan was the best.

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Brennan Johnson the Tottenham Hotspur attacker opened up that. Even though there were many offers coming in the summer of 2023. He ended up staying in the Spurs coop because they had the clearest plan to use him.

Johnson joined from Forest for £47.5m at deadline, with head coach Ange Postecoglou the key player behind the deal being completed UFABET

At first, the 22-year-old was hesitant about leaving his comfort zone. But when I saw Ange’s project, it gave me peace of mind to open the next chapter of my career. 

“Spurs have very good plans for me. And it was the right decision to take this step.” Opening his mouth through the program book 

“I played for Forest for a long time, I know a lot of people there. Make friends, become part of the family. I know a lot of people. ‘The King of the Forest’, so it was difficult to make a decision as well.” 

“But the time was right. Especially coming to work at a progressive club like here. And it’s a great team. Including the head coach, staff.” 

“There was a chance to see them play before moving to join. The form is considered impressive. It’s suitable for me at this point in my career. It’s satisfying that everything worked out – I’m happy.” 

The Welshman played seven games for Spurs, scoring one goal and one assist.