‘Parker’ admits to a coma, not surprised by the Swans

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Bournemouth manager Scott Parker admits there is a chance the team’s situation could get even worse. After having to watch the team’s team being smash by Liverpool to a shattered 9-0 Premier League game on saturday.

after winning the opening day of the season over Aston Villa. Then Bournemouth Form out to sea, losing 3 consecutive matches. Having been smash into the net for playing time So far, six more goals have been concede than any other side in the league.

After being asked if 9-0 would be the team’s worst moment of the season. Parker frankly admits that We may have seen even worse

. I can see more of it. I have to be honest with you,” Parker said.

Bournemouth return to the Premier League again Reinforced the army by grabbing Marcos Senezy, Neto, Marcus Tavenier and Ryan Fredericks, but Parker has always insisted that He needs more new players and admits Saturday’s results did not surprise him

“I’m not surprised at all. This is where we are now, now the players need help. Today it proved that the challenge was too high. The level is still too far. the UFABET report

“Sometimes we just can’t stand it, it’s harsh. If there will be another like today time will tell It was a big disappointment. It was an experience that I never thought would happen.”