‘Fofana’ has moved as much as he wants. Singh has agreed to the fox

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News reports from reporters at Tier 1 are reliable, confirming in the same direction that now “Sing the Blues” Chelsea reached a verbal agreement with the “Fox Siam” Leicester City to grab Wesley Fofana to join the team.

During the past month, “Sing the Blues” tried hard to grab Fofana by making an offer. “Fox Siam” went twice. But all were rejected

, Romano reports on Thursday. It states that the two clubs are still sending agents to negotiate the deal, with Chelsea preparing to make a new offer of 75 million pounds and are considering a structure in part to pay Leicester

. RMCsport correspondent Fabrice Hawkins has revealed that Chelsea and Leicester City have reached an verbal agreement. The final details will be finalize soon. the UFABET report

Then, Fabrizio Romano, David Ornstein 2, a Tier 1 credibility correspondent and several other media outlets have also confirmed that The two clubs have reached an agreement,

with Romano also saying the 21-year-old defender will sign a six-year contract until 2028

, while lequipe will reveal at the same time. At a price of 70 million pounds (82.5 million euros) plus bonuses that would make him the world’s most expensive

defender, Fofana has one year left on his contract at the Kings Power Stadium. 2027 and made it clear that he wanted to move to Chelsea. And then was sent by Brendan Rodgers to train with the youth team. Reasoning the player has mental problems and the Leicester boss also confirm the 21-year-old defender will not be named in Saturday’s Premier League game.