Onana the same value! The Cup of Nations kick is likely to slip 1st away. 

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Andre Onana the Manchester United‘s goalkeeper has faced another test of his career. With his decision to serve with the Cameroon national team in the African Cup of Nations early next year 2 options. But both results may not be good.

Report from ‘Sun Sport’ that Onana, who missed out on the Champions League game. Drew 3-3 with Galatasaray in midweek. It is being brought up as a point of debate as to whether he should be released as number one at Old Trafford or not. ทางเข้า UFABET 

The key juncture is between 13 Jan – 11 Feb 2024. When the Kala Continental National Championships will take place. And the 27-year-old goalkeeper is in line to join head coach Ricobert Song’s team in pursuit of a sixth championship. 

However, there is concern that if he agrees to serve the country Abandoning his role as goalkeeper for the ‘Red Devils’. Alta may be taken over by goalkeeper Baydir if his outstanding form catches the eye of team manager Erik ten Hag. 

There are therefore rumors that the goalkeeper, who is worth 47 million pounds. May refuse to play in the Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast. 


Refusing to serve the national team in a competitive program Continental federation level held. Without reasonable cause or permission from the national federation itself is considered a violation of FIFA rules. 

The punishment is that he will be banned from playing for his agency anyway. Throughout the period the national team competed in the tournament. And then add another 5 days when the team finishes playing. 

The results are considered to be almost no different. The player and the club therefore considered that it made more sense to serve Cameroon. Because it would build up their confidence. Moreover, you can expect to be eliminated early. 

During the Cup of Nations competition. The ‘Red Devils’ are scheduled to meet Spurs (14 Jan.), Wolverhampton (30 Jan.), West Ham (3 Feb.) and Aston Villa (10 Feb.) in the English Premier League. 

6-7 Jan. FA Cup third round, which should be during the national team’s training match, 27-28 Jan. FA Cup fourth round if they get through. 

As for the Champions League, if a team advances to the round of 16, the first game will be played on February 13.

But if the team gets 3rd place , they have to play in the Europa League play-off game, the first game will be played on 15 February .